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You say I deserve true love forever
but you still just wanna fuck on your parents' couch
that's why I don't believe in deserving
you get what you get and that's what counts
I'm your big-eyed smart-mouthed late-night therapist
paramedic merit scholar beauty queen
buddy cop den mother dish wash punk rocker
manic panic all-organic pixie dream
fuck you I'm not getting out of my sweatpants
I'm gonna lie here all afternoon
I might have superpowers babe
but if you want me I'll be in my living room
and I'm getting used to the no no no
when the door is shut and the case is closed
and there's a sucker punch that you're suckin up
cause you just can't throw
ah shit fuckin A goddamn it's the no no no
I don't half-love half-live half-bake baby
I don't half-ass anything and that's on me
but unconditional is unconvincing
if it means I gotta work for everyone for free
I'm your A plus pay raise high five high pressure
high stakes dragon slayer running back
I'm your good work good hustle good girl good god
stop me before I have a heart attack
love me or not and that's your business
I'm gonna do what I gotta do
I made your fuckin cake already
and I'm not about to teach you how to eat it too
cause I'm getting used to the no no no
when the power's down and the trail is cold
and your lights are off but you’re putting on
your best shit show
ah shit fuckin A goddamn it's the no no no
and I'm getting used to the no no no
when your engine’s dead and your fuse is blown
and they cheer you on and you flip ‘em off
and tell them just where they can go
say no no no no no no no no no no


from You Shouldn't Be Here, released May 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Cutting Room Floor Oberlin, Ohio

Cutting Room Floor is a queer, feminist, genre-bending punk 3-piece based in MI, MA, and NY. Also sometimes described as a psychic rock band from the underworld.

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