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God damn these dirty dishes keep on piling miles high
come on boy don’t you know the revolution’s in the sink
but you just stand there saying you eat a lot for your size
did I ask you what you think?
say you’re here to help me say you’re gonna shape up
shut up boy use your hands if you’re not gonna use your head
you talk a good game but don’t know how to show up
can you tell me what I said?
you don’t make me wash your dishes you just leave ‘em round til they rot
you don’t make me do your laundry I trip over your dirty socks
you don’t make me buy you soap, you just use mine til it’s gone
you don’t make me raise you just like you didn’t make your mom
and yes we are good friends and I know you’re a nice guy
now come on over here you’re gonna mop this floor until you die
I shouldn’t have to make time for everything that you don’t notice
and every corner you cut why don’t you already know this?
I don’t want to have to tell you I don’t want to have to teach you
I’d have no home without this you’d have no home without me
but you won’t even wash the spoon I use to feed you
if you don’t care about this you don’t care about me.
I am not your mom get a fucking grip shit does not get done if you don’t do it
if you had a maid you wouldn’t notice it is not my job to clean up your shit
you keep leaving me on the back burner now I’m on fire what did you expect
you’re my friend and I fucking love you so why do I want to wring your neck
you say you’re here for me but you won’t do the work that makes it true
you’re never here and you think you have more important things to do
but there is no work more important than showing you give a shit
about the women in your life
I can’t believe I have to tell you this


from You Shouldn't Be Here, released May 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Cutting Room Floor Oberlin, Ohio

Cutting Room Floor is a queer, feminist, genre-bending punk 3-piece based in MI, MA, and NY. Also sometimes described as a psychic rock band from the underworld.

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